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Why Join the Knights of Columbus?

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference.


Come see just what we are all about and take the first steps to enhance your personal life.

You can join online today! It's then your choice whether to upgrade your membership by joining our council. Either way, you are very welcome to join us in our monthly meetings or participate in our council events.

In Service to One. In Service to All" (running time, 30 seconds).

Our eight-page Overview Booklet (pdf, 415k) gives additional information about what it means to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Hear what Knights have to say in their own words about their membership in the world's largest Catholic family service organization. "Experience of a Lifetime" (running time, 14 min.).

Like more information? Call Nick Monteleone 251-747-4603 or go to www.KofC.org/joinus